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    Mission Statement-ish
    Well, the main idea here is post good 2D images and don't post anything that's illegal. Oh, and try to tag the shit you upload.

    The Formatting Options
    Formatting is fun! It lets you customize your experience around here. There are some codes to make using the site easier when you need to link shit or whatever. Let's go over them!

    [b]BOLD![/b] - Makes shit bold.
    [i]ITALIC![/i] - Makes shit slanty.
    [quote]Blockquoted![/quote] - Puts shit in a blockquote. Useful for replying to people in forums.
    [spoiler]Spoilers![/spoiler] - Blacks shit out so you don't ruin someone's fucking day..
    [post]7654[/post] - Links to the post with that contained numeric ID: post #7654.
    [forum]1[/forum] - Links to the forum post with that contained numeric ID: forum #1.
    [group]4[/group] - Links to the group with that contained numeric ID: group #4.
    [link=]A link![/link] - Makes a link with the URL and text of your choosing: A link!
    [tn]Tako means octopus![/tn] - Creates a translation note

    for use in notes

    LIST ITEMS! You can make lists. They work a bit different. First you need to decide on what sort of list you want.

    [/ol] - Gives you a number-ordered list.

    [/ul] - Gives you an unordered list.


    1. ORDERED

    2. LIST!


    • LIST!

    Formatting Limitations
    Of course, the formatting system has some limitations. Namely there are certain tags that can't be used in certain places. They are as follows.

    Everything can be used on the forum.
    In comments, lists and translation notes will not work.
    And in notes, the only things that can be used are text modifiers. These are: tn, b, and i.